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cinephilia's Journal

For The Love Of Cinema
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Cinephilia is the name of the very specific kind of love that cinema inspired. Each art breeds its fanatics. The love that cinema inspired, however, was special. It was born of the conviction that cinema was an art unlike any other; quintessentially modern; distinctively accessible; poetic and mysterious and erotic and moral - all at the same time.
~ Susan Sontag, "A Century Of Cinema"

This is my commmunity, its new. Well actually its "our" community. Yes, another film community but I would like to think we are unique in our own way. Please feel free to join and post. What this community is for is simple:

- to discuss cinema and discuss cinema related topics
- to meet other cinephiliacs
- reviews on films and movies
- friendly debate on cinema related topics
- suggestions and advice regarding films
- news on events and info about projects
- a place where film can be apreciated as art
- an open forum for film makers and film lovers.
- the discussion of films of the past, present and to come
- share film related stories and experiences
- basiclly have fun and befriend some other film lovers.

- Friendly criticisms and opinions, lets not get disruptive
- Try to keep from straying completely off topic
- Proper steps for avoiding spoilers, such as ljcut.
- Premoting your community is fine, blatant spamming is not
- Have some fun!

That's it for now, so join! I hope our community will grow over time.

~ Your Moderator(s)

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